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Once you purchase your selected digital content from Templayte®, you should be able to access your content immediately in the download section after your payment has been processed. 

There are cases where the payment will take a bit of time to process and this would also affect the time taken for your file to be available to you. Simply wait a few minutes and refresh the page. You will also receive an email with the download instructions. 



We provide refunds within 30 days of your purchase as part of a consistent and reliable buying experience. Most people pursuing a refund just want to solve a problem, but sometimes the system is abused. If it appears refunds are being abused, we reserve the right to stop offering them except where legally required. 

All sales are considered final, but we understand there may be extenuating circumstances. When you request a refund for these products, and depending on the purchase or content type in determining refund eligibility, we consider a variety of factors like time since date of purchase, and use of the product.

You can start the refund request process by emailing us at

Tell us why you're requesting a refund; we use this information to improve our products and processes, and to hopefully minimize the need for future refund requests. 

The refund may take a few business days. You may want to check with your bank to ensure the applicable payment method has been properly credited.